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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my repair cost?

We only charge £49 for callout & diagnosis, so you can find out what's wrong before committing to a repair...
Let us come and diagnose the problem with your appliance and tell you if it needs any parts. For this we will only charge you just £49. If we can repair your appliance then the total fee is just £79 + parts. In many cases parts aren't required. This includes all callout, labour and subsequent visits. You can book your repair online quickly and conveniently.

How quickly can you repair my dishwasher?

We understand that being without the dishwasher can wreak havoc in a busy household. Our engineers operate throughout the entire United Kingdom so we can often get engineers to you with a same-day or next-day appointment. Call our friendly team now on 020 3600 1130 to book your repair.

Do you cover my area?

We cover most of the United Kingdom.
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  • Callout & Diagnosis for only £49!
  • Complete Repair for only £79 + parts.
  • In many cases parts aren’t required.
  • All labour & callout included in £79.
  • No charges for return visits to fit parts.
  • Same-Day & Next-Day Appointments
  • No Upfront Payments – Pay when the job is done.
Why choose Service Site for your dishwasher repair?
We offer a quick and convenient dishwasher repair service. Our rates are highly competitive and repairs are carried out by our network of reliable and experienced local engineers.

We will always send an engineer that has experience repairing your specific make of dishwasher. Our appliance engineers are able to provide quick diagnosis and source parts at unbeatable prices.

Our engineer will conduct your dishwasher repair as quickly and efficiently as possible. Speak with our team to see when one of our appliance engineers can get to you.

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Dishwashers Faults

Common Faults & Troubleshooting

A dishwasher is a home appliance you can live without, but do you really want to? Anyone who has a dishwasher in their home certainly understands the struggles when things aren’t working. This is especially difficult when you have a large group coming for lunch or dinner. That enormous pile of dirty dishes waiting for you long after your guests have departed looks all the more daunting and it’s often a challenge just to decide where to start. If your dishwasher is not behaving, we’ve got some tips on what you can do, and what is best left for the experts.

Dishwasher Isn’t Cleaning Properly

Your dishwasher has just finished its cycle and you’re ready to take the clean dishes out. You lift up one dirty dish, then another and another. You realize the dishes aren’t as clean as they should be and you may need to re-wash them by hand. The problem is most likely debris caught somewhere in your dishwasher so there are some things you can do.

What You Can Do

  • Clean your dishwasher. Use a commercial dishwashing solution and run an empty cycle. 
  • Check the sprayer arms and all the filters. Clean as needed. 
  • Clean the door seal or gasket. This often clutters with excess grease and food particles.
  • In some cases, you may simply need to switch to a different brand of detergent.

Leave It For The Experts

  • If your sprayer arm is damaged, it will need replacing. Call 0616 314 0044, and we’ll send one of our engineers to your home with a replacement part. 
  • If the seal or gasket is wearing out, our engineers can replace this for you fast.

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Dishwasher Won’t Close Properly

A dishwasher that won’t close properly may not be able to start. Even if it does, you could face a flood if it can’t seal properly. 

What You Can Do

  • Check around the latch. In some cases, food particles can get stuck in the latch causing a blockage. Clean out the latch and try again.

Leave It For The Experts

  • If cleaning the latch doesn’t result in you being able to close the dishwasher properly, call our engineers to check it for you. Chances are the latch will need to be replaced and this is always best left for the experts.

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Dishwasher is Leaking

A dishwasher that leaks is an absolute nightmare. Apart from the knowledge that something is wrong with your machine, you also have a huge pool of water to clean up. Dishwashers leak for a number of reasons. Some you can take care of, but these are usually only related to cleaning parts of your dishwasher.

What You Can Do

  • Clean around the door and seals. Sometimes grease and food particles can collect around the door causing a gap that can let water leak out.
  • Check the drainage hose and other hoses for cracks and brittleness.

Leave It For The Experts

  • If your drainage hose, seals and other components need replacing, call our engineers at 020 3600 1130and we’ll have these parts replaced in no time.
  • A pump that doesn’t work will also result in a leaking dishwasher. This is definitely a job for one of our engineers. 

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Noisy Dishwasher

No dishwasher is complete noise free, but if your dishwasher is making more noise than usual, it’s time to take a look inside.

What You Can Do

  • Open the door of your dishwasher and make sure the sprayer arms aren’t knocking against any dishes. Readjust the dishes and give the sprayer arm a spin to make sure it won’t continue hitting your dishes.

Leave It For The Experts

  • Sometimes the sprayer arms can become misaligned and this would be the cause of them hitting dishes. This is a job for our engineers.
  • Occasionally, small parts of seals or rings can fall off. As water is being sprayed around, these tiny fragments can be flying all over the inside of the machine causing a lot of noise. Our engineers will identify these loose parts and replace them as needed.

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Dishwasher Won’t Drain

If your dishwasher is still full of water after finishing a washing cycle, there are a number of things to look out for.

What You Can Do

  • If you haven’t cleaned your dishwasher in a while, do so immediately. Remove all of the dishes and clean your appliance with a dishwasher cleaner. You can also add one cup each of vinegar, salt and baking soda before letting your machine wash one cycle. This should clear out any built-up grease that may prevent your dishwasher from draining.
  • Check all of the dishwasher’s filters and make sure they are clean.

Leave It For The Experts

  • If you’ve cleaned your dishwasher and it still isn’t draining, it’s time to call in one of our professionals. It is most likely a problem with the pump, so this is best left to our engineers.

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Dishwasher Won’t Turn On

The worst thing about finding out your dishwasher won’t turn on is that you’ve usually already filled your machine to capacity. Not only can this be frustrating, but it also makes it difficult to check for any minor faults inside your dishwasher.

What You Can Do

  • Check the electricity board in your home to ensure the switch hasn’t flipped.
  • Check to ensure the power cord is plugged in.
  • Examine the wires to make sure they are not damaged.
  • Check the door latch to ensure it is not broken or hampered by debris.

Leave It For The Experts

  • If the wiring and cables of your dishwasher look frayed, call 020 3600 1130and our engineers will come and inspect the connection for you. 
  • If your door latch is broken, our engineers will replace and repair this for you.

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Dishwasher Smells Bad

When you open your dishwasher after a cycle, you expect to open the door to a pleasant, clean smell. If you open your dishwasher door and are greeted with a bad smell, you may need to be more diligent with keeping your dishwasher clean.

What You Can Do

  • Run your dishwasher empty for one cycle, preferably with a dishwasher cleaning solution.
  • Wipe around the edges of the dishwasher door and seals to remove any grease and food particles.
  • Clean the filter basket and strainer screen. Also check the sprayer arms for grease.
  • Rinse or wipe food particles off of your dishes before stacking them in your dishwasher.

Leave It For The Experts

  • Occasionally, the smell is coming form food blocked deep within the dishwasher. Don’t take your machine apart yourself in an attempt to remove the food particles. Call 020 3600 1130and have one of our engineers do this for you. 

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Dishes Come Out Of A Cycle Wet

One of the perks of washing dishes in a dishwasher is that they come out clean and dry. If you’ve just taken out your clean dishes and they are quite wet, you have a problem with the heating element.

What You Can Do

  • You can check the heating capabilities with a high limit thermostat.

Leave It For The Experts

  • While you can check the thermostat and heating element of your dishwasher, you should call an engineer if either one of them isn’t working properly. Sometimes, they can be repaired, but in most cases, our engineers will need to replace them.

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